Glamping History
The History of Glamping

Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays is the culmination of the Glamping Holiday's History.

 A Glamping holiday is a verison of camping holiday which has a focus on providing facilities in traditional camping accommodation that are considered to be more luxurious than you would find as part of a camping holiday. 

Glamping as a term, came from combining Glamourous and Camping together. Glamping holidays were initially from a small number of providers and then spread across the world as the newest trend of holiday accommodation that combines the experience of a hotel holiday with luxury and camping.

Glamping is known by lots of aliases such as boutique camping, posh camping or luxury camping. The function of Glamping is that guests enjoy sleeping outdoors, 'under canvas' and camping but they do not wish to have the hassle of having to put up their own tent or bring everything with them.

Glamping sites provide a variety of different holiday accommodation structures including bell tentsyurts, geodesic domes, tipis, pods, safari tents, canvas lodges, tent cabins, vintage caravans, shepherd's huts and tree houses.

Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays is part of the family owned Country Glamping Holidays. We provide a diverse range of Glamping holiday accommodation at our sites in Dorset and Somerset UK. Glamping holiday prices can start from as low as twelve pounds fifty pence per person per night.

Glamping holidays can provide a wide range of services from room service to bedding but most importantly glamping holidays are about access to the country side.

The increase in demand for glamping breaks has had the effect of bringing the idea of a camping holiday to a new type of guest, beyond that of the traditional camping market of families and couples. Glamping holidays have brought the concept of camping to markets like birthday parties, inter-generational holidays and hen parties.

A factor that contributed to the increase in the popularity of glamping holidays was the alteration to the UK driving licence. The change to the driving licence was the removal of the automatic right to tow a caravan when a person past their driving test. Whilst this change happened unobtrusively back in the nineteen-nineties; the effect was not felt till those that had the new driving licences with less permissions had families. At this time these drives had young families and would traditionally started looking at caravan holidays as for their young families. This, of course, was not possible as those with a redacted driving licence were required to take an additional towing course and test.  When these drivers 'came of age' it coincided with the financial crisis which made foreign travel expensive & the result was glamping holidays presented a perfect solution. The Glamping holiday trend has also been supported by young professionals. The 'gap year' generation are now urban professionals and still want new experiences when they holiday.

Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays provide a history of glamping in the UK as a free resource. Please feel free to cite our history of glamping and reference it in your own work & research.

Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays is the newest member of the Country Glamping Holidays stable who have provided glamping holidays for a decade and is one of the longest & most experienced glamping companies in the UK. Country Glamping Holidays provide glamping delivery, owns & operates glamping sites, provides on site glamping operations for landowners & provides glamping consultancy. Country Glamping Holidays is happy speak to the media and researchers the Glamping Holiday Industry. Please feel free to contact us regarding any glamping issues.

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